When applying for a Cruise Ship job, cruise recruiters consider the age, English proficiency, background and experience in the area you are applying for.


Minimum age to work onboard

The minimum age to work on cruise lines is 21 and is non negotiable, all jobs posted on this website abide under this requirement

Passport and visa requirements for Cruise Ships jobs

To work onboard a cruise ship, crew members must have a valid passport and applicable visas. Find out who requires what documents, such as the C1/D visa, and when you need to apply for them.

All Cruise Ships Applicants Need a Valid Passport

In order to apply for job on board cruise lines crew members MUST have a valid passport for at least one year from the date they join the ship. If you are just starting the cruise job search, make sure that you are in the process of getting your passport if you haven't done so already. Or, renew your passport if it is within six months of its expiry date.

Visas Required

After passing your interviews and being successfully accepted you MUST be Able to obtain a US C1/D visa in order to join or transit through a US port, be aware that other visas might be required to embark in UK, Australia or Schengen territories, it all depends on the crew member nationality.

Definition of the US C1/D Visa:

  • C1 Visa: Permits the bearer to arrive in the US and request direct and immediate transit through the US. It permits crew members who are joining a vessel to transit through US territory to the port of embarkation.
  • D Visa: It permits the crew member to remain in the US as log as their vessel remain in the US, nor exceeding 29 days.
  • C1/D Visa: Dual  purpose visa permits the bearer to arrive in the US in either the C1 or D classification